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Practice Areas

Various Services

  1. We specialize in House & Office Moving.
  2. Free Packing of Valuable Furniture
  3. Piano & Organ Moving
  4. Safe Box Removal
  5. Professional Cargo Packing
  6. Dismantle of Import / Export Furniture
  7. Free Quotation / Cost Estimation / Surveys
  8. All Transportation & Delivery Services
  9. Manpower Supply
  10. After Removal / Unwanted Goods Disposal

House & Office Removal

  1. Local Household Effects Removal (door to door)
  2. Office / Factory / Warehouse Relocation
  3. Wrapping & Packing of all items
  4. Careful Loading into covered trucks
  5. Transportation to new destination
  6. Delivery, unpacking, assembly & positioning of furniture in respective rooms & removal of packing debris.

All Transportation & Delivery Services

  1. Big Item Purchase Delivery - Goods from department store to home or offices
  2. Contract Monthly delivery - Goods from warehouse to various retail stores
  3. Exhibition Contract Delivery - Items from warehouse to various exhibition hall locations.

Exhibition Contract Delivery

We provide transportation, delivery and labor services to transport your various products, equipment and exhibition display to exhibition halls for booth stalls set up. The same services applicable for after exhibition period too.